Insurance for taxi drivers provide taxi insurance for all types of taxis like black cabs, private hire and minibuses. Taxi drivers in city of London are warning that they are to stage more go slow protest in the capital in the wake of the mobile app ‘Uber’ despite previous protests providing ‘Uber’ with £100 million worth of free publicity.

Licensed cabbies fear the app could put them out of business as the number of download for the app rises 850% since last weeks protests. Commuters in London face gridlock this past week after protests were staged in opposition to the cut price fare app which enables customers to track and book vehicles.

Despite protests, the makers of the Uber app confirmed that downloads had surged 850%, exact numbers of users can not be divulged due to their commercially sensitive nature. The app jumped from position 26 to number three spot on iTunes download list, behind the FIFA world cup app and Facebook messenger app.
Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, stated that there will be even more demonstrations soon.
Analysts have come forward stating that the protests have not been properly thought through as Uber have come away with a lot of free publicity and seen as the champion in consumers eyes.


As well as in London, demonstrations by taxi drivers will be taking place in other European cities such as Rome, Madrid, Paris and Berlin. In response to protests, Uber confirmed that a new section to the app would be added called UberTaxi which would be a compromise for taxi drivers. This section will allow black cabs to be booked by customers directly from the app with the fares being the same as set out by authorities. Protesters were calling out For Boris and taxi drivers honked their horns as traffic was queuing up on the side streets due to the roads around Trafalgar square being closed off to non taxis.
Uber was released in 2009 and operates in 37 countries, the app utilises the GPS on a mobile device to find the nearest available driver. Users are able to compare rates for various vehicles and receive quotes for specific journeys before booking and paying for the journey using paypal or their debit cards.

The app also allows users to track their booked vehicle so they will know the exact time they will be collected and whether their booked taxi has been held up.

A lot of motorists chose to sit on the pavements waiting for protester to disperse. Boris Johnson stated that he understood why taxi drivers were concerned and that he thought the issue should be resolved in the courts where there is a case being put forward.

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