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A recent survey by You Gov has stated that there will likely be a rise in the number of insurance fraud cases. The survey suggests that due to the tough financial situation that many consumers are in, they are more likely to commit insurance fraud in order to save money or claim compensation that is not due.

2000 consumers were polled with 67% of them saying that the current financial climate would make people more likely to give false information on an insurance application to save money. However, 87% claimed that they themselves have never committed insurance fraud.

19% of those aged between 25 and 34 agreed that it was okay to over value goods that have been stolen or lie about the cost of repairs when making a car insurance claim. Only 7% of those aged 55 or older agreed with them, showing a distinct difference in perception of right and wrong in different generations.

The survey was carried out to get a feel for how the “average” consumer thinks and feels abour financial fraud. Those carrying out the survey have concluded that the poor economic conditions have made people more likely to commit fraud on some level.

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