Public Hire Taxi & Black Cab Insurance Policies – Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK

If you are looking for insurance for your public hire taxi or cab, Insurance For Taxi Drivers can help. Public hire insurance covers any taxi or cab that is registered to pick up members of the public without a prearranged booking, such as a black cab.

If you are a black cab driver it is important that you have the correct public hire insurance policy in place. Black cabs are a British icon and investing in your own vehicle is a significant commitment. Ensuring that you have proper black cab insurance or public hire taxi insurance is essential so that you can be on the road earning a living both safely and legally.

Searching for black cab insurance and public hire taxi insurance online can sometimes be confusing and frustrating because there are different levels of cover available.

Black cabs and public hire taxis often collect passengers from public places without being booked. It is important that you make sure you have the right level of cover from your black cab insurance and public hire taxi insurance.

What type of public hire taxi insurance and black cab insurance do you offer?

Because Insurance For Taxi Drivers work with top UK taxi insurance brokers we are able to offer a wider variety of public hire and black cab insurance policies. Each taxi insurance policy is tailored to your individual requirements, you can contact us by phone or via the contact form to the left of this page to request a quote.

Some options to consider when you are deciding on the level of public hire insurance you need:

  • Public liability public hire insurance
  • Will you need legal expenses cover
  • Does your public hire insurance need to cover personal injury claims?
  • Third party or fully comprehensive public hire insurance

If you are looking for public hire taxi insurance or black cab insurance, contact Insurance For Taxi Drivers today for a competitive quote!