Minibus Insurance – Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK

If you need insurance for a minibus, Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK can source a great rate for you.

Minibus insurance is often very expensive and it can be hard to make sure that you are getting the correct cover for your needs. Because taxi insurance comes with various levels of cover and added extras it can be confusing when trying to decide what type of policy suits you best.

It is not only taxi drivers that need special minibus insurance; any vehicle that is classed as a minibus with more than 7 seats will require a minibus insurance policy.

What types of minibus insurance policy do we offer?

Here at Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK, we can offer minibus insurance for:

  • Private Hire Minibus Insurance
  • Charity & Organisation Minibus Insurance
  • Personal Use Minibus Insurance

If you are looking for minibus insurance for your taxi, charity minibus or personal minibus – Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK should be your first call!