Insurance For Taxi Drivers Information

What type of taxi insurance policies do we offer?

Here at Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK, we are able to offer insurance solutions for all types of taxi drivers and can also offer taxi fleet insurance. In summary, we can provide the following taxi insurance products:

  • Private Hire Insurance – Insurance for private hire taxi drivers.
  • Public Hire Insurance – Insurance for black cab & hackney carriage drivers.
  • Minibus Insurance – Insurance for minibuses, whether used for taxi driving, charity work, organisations or leisure.
  • Taxi Fleet Insurance – Insurance policies to cover taxi fleets of all sizes.


What level of cover do your taxi insurance policies offer?

We are able to offer varying levels of cover for UK taxi insurance. We always recommend that you take out the highest level of cover available.

We can source taxi insurance that will ensure that you are also covered for loss of earnings in the event that an accident renders you unable to work due to injury or damage to your vehicle.

If you require public liability taxi insurance we are also able to incorporate this into your taxi insurance quote. This will ensure that you are protected in the event of an accident that involves a passenger or member of the public or damage to property.

Legal expense cover and medical expense cover are additional aspects that can be added in to your taxi insurance policy if required.

Can Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK provide temporary taxi insurance?

If you are looking for short term or temporary taxi driver insurance then we may be able to help. Contact us by using the form on this page or call one of the numbers above to discuss your requirements.

Can your taxi insurance provide replacement/courtesy vehicle?

Some taxi driver insurance policies will provide a courtesy vehicle so that you can continue to work whilst your vehicle is either repaired or replaced. Contact us today for more information.

How much will taxi driver insurance cost me?

Our insurance advisors will tailor a quote to your specific needs. As each policy is unique the cost of taxi driver insurance varies depending on what you need out of the policy. Our agents are able to source some of the lowest cost insurance for taxi drivers around, so contact us today for a very competitive quotation.