Taxi Insurance For Private Hire, Public Hire & Uber Drivers

Finding insurance for taxi drivers can often be confusing and time consuming. Making sure that you are operating within the law and are fully covered with taxi insurance is essential but it is not always easy.

For taxi drivers it is important to make sure that you have the correct taxi insurance so that you are covered against all situations, you are not simply insuring your vehicle you are insuring your future income.

Taxi insurance companies often offer varying levels of cover and making sure that you have the most suitable policy for you can be difficult. However, it is worth spending the extra time to make sure that you have the most suitable taxi insurance in place.

Insurance for taxi drivers is more complicated than standard car insurance because taxis are used for transporting customers and are often on the road for long periods of time. This means that most taxi insurance policies need to also offer some form of public liability insurance, personal accident insurance & legal expense cover which can be an added headache when looking for public hire and private hire taxi insurance.

Insurance For Taxi Drivers can help to remove some of the stress from finding taxi insurance. By working with top taxi insurance brokers we are able to source good premiums for taxi insurance, black cab insurance, minibus insurance & any other type of public or private hire insurance.

Whether you or a taxi driver yourself or run a taxi fleet company we can source individual taxi insurance policies or taxi fleet insurance policies for you at great rates.

Our experienced taxi insurance advisors can make sure that you are getting the best quote available and that you are out earning a living knowing you are fully protected with proper taxi insurance.