Insurance for black cab vehicles

Insurance for taxi drivers can provide insurance policies over the Christmas period if you are looking to make a bit of extra cash, it is important you have the right insurance policy that will allow you to do this.

If you are renting a public hire / black cab to use during the Christmas period, this may include insurance cost but most times it does not include insurance for public hire vehicles, public hire or black cab taxis need a different insurance policy that will cover them for public liability as well as standard vehicle insurance.

If you are going to get your private vehicle licensed for the Christmas period then you will need to have a private hire insurance policy in place, this is a policy designed to enable you to use a private vehicle as a taxi.

It is important you insure your taxi with the right taxi insurance, if police stop you and you do not have the correct insurance you can face prosecution and risk having your vehicle impounded. If this happens, an Impounded Car Insurance policy will be needed to get your vehicle release, these policies can be expensive.

Insurance for taxi drivers recommend you get the right policy for your vehicle that will enable to use it as a taxi, whether it is private hire insurance, public hire insurance or minibus insurance, Insurance for taxi drivers can provide all these policies for you. Call insurance for taxi drivers today and get your taxi ready for the Christmas period!

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