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Taxi drivers in the UK have long been known for their exceptional knowledge of the road network in their working area. However in recent years with the development of accurate satnav and gps devices this knowledge is being lost as new cabbies are content to rely on them for directions.

Taxi Insurance - SatnavCouncil officials in Bath and North East Somerset have been in discussions about banning taxi drivers from using satnav devices in attempts to increase the knowledge of local taxi drivers.

Councillor David Dixon said that all taxi drivers should have a good working knowledge of their areas roads and should be able to find their way around their turf without relying on a gps system for directions.

Satnav systems do not always chose the best route for the customer and they are unable to account for local traffic conditions, which any professional and knowledgeable taxi driver will be able to do without second thought.

There are also safety concerns about drivers using large satnav devices. Bath & North East Somerset council recently carried out a check across several taxi fleet companies to assess the safety of using these devices. In every taxi that was using a satnav device it was found to be blocking the drivers view of the road making it unsafe to drive.

Another problem  that the council could be hoping to reduce is the number of unlicensed and illegal taxi drivers on the road in the UK. Many new unauthorised taxi drivers use said devices because they simply do not have the proper knowledge of a genuine and experienced taxi driver. These unlicensed taxi drivers are a big problem in Britain, because they are not insured and leave their passengers at a risk should they be involved in an accident. Taxi drivers in the UK must be fully registered and have valid taxi insurance in place. Taxi drivers found to be driving illegally without proper taxi driver insurance can be fined and even imprisoned.

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