Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK work closely with top taxi insurance brokers to source low cost insurance for taxi drivers. All taxi drivers must follow strict laws and regulations and having a proper taxi insurance policy in place is at the forefront of these laws.

Taxi Driver Insurance UK

The police are cracking down on unlicensed taxi drivers on Britain’s roads. Bogus taxi drivers that are unlawfully making a living are a major concern for the police and for other law-abiding taxi drivers.

In recent operations the police have been working closely with taxi licensing agencies to help reduce the number of illegal taxis that are in operation.

Bogus taxi drivers are taking work away from hard working, legitimate taxi drivers. However, the public are being warned about the risks involved as there have been a few high profile cases where rogue drivers have been responsible for severe crimes.

Be vigilant and make sure that you are using a properly registered taxi with proper taxi insurance in place. If you use an unlicensed taxi, it is unlikely that they will have any taxi driver insurance and you will not be protected against any injury you receive.

To make sure that the taxi driver has proper taxi driver insurance in place and that they are licensed, you can look at the registration plate on the vehicle. The registration plate on all taxis should show the make and model of the taxi along with the registration number. If you ever are in doubt do not get into the taxi.

Private hire taxi insurance is only valid if your journey has been pre-booked.

Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK can assist all taxi drivers in finding proper taxi insurance. If you would like a quote contact us today.