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Black cabs are an iconic and recognisable part of British culture, but they may be about to be brought up to date by the chinese owners of the manufacturing company that produce them. In the UK all black cab drivers need to ensure that they have proper black cab taxi insurance in place.

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Taxi InsuranceManganese Bronze Holdings manufacture the brand of taxis known around the world as Black Cabs. Earlier this year the chinese owners of car giant Volvo saved the taxi firm from bankruptcy when they bought the company to continue production.

It was announced this week that they are planning to create the first ever electric black cab, however the announcement was not made in London but was instead made in Shanghai.

It is thought that black cabs will now be spotted not only in London but across China as well. One Chinese city already has around 100 black cab taxis being delivered this month and more orders have been placed.

The new model will be produced in the company’s Coventry branch and will create roughly 500 new jobs. The TX5 will first be a hybrid vehicle but there are plants to make a full electric version within five years time.

The new owners are investing $80 million into the company in the UK and there will be over 20,000 new black cabs produced every year in Britan. Black cabs are a big business for the UK. Taxi drivers who purchase their own vehicle will also need to ensure that they have taken out a taxi insurance policy, which Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK can source at a great rate.

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