With a recent tidal surge and storm causing damage across large parts of Britain, it’s likely that this country will see a string of insurance claims to help cover the damage sustained to vehicles. Despite this, insurers are stating that there should be no issue in picking up the extra claims, the firms being used to ‘bad weather events.’ What should you do if you find yourself with damaged car or taxi at the hands of this storm?

First things first, if you’ve been affected by these storms, you’re advised to contact your insurance company as soon as possible, with any serious damage needing a swift inspection. This shouldn’t be difficult, as many companies have their own 24 hour emergency helpline. Most comprehensive taxi insurance policies should cover both flood and storm damage such as water damage, falling trees or debris as a result of strong winds.

If you are left without a vehicle, some specialist taxi driver insurance policies will help cover a loss of earnings, and provide a courtesy vehicle for your transport and work. If work is needed to repair your taxi your insurance provider will make it a priority to have it fixed or replaced as soon as possible to prevent you from suffering a further loss of earnings.

If the damage is serious enough, your taxi may be declared as “written off”, meaning that the cost of repairing the vehicle would outweigh the cost of completely replacing it. Your insurer will have one of their approved mechanics inspect your taxi to see if this is necessary.

Many expect this string of claims to raise insurance premiums, companies stating that they don’t expect them to rise ‘across the board’. However, it’s best to remember that making a claim on your taxi insurance policy can increase your future premiums, and that any claim will obviously end any no claims discount you have.

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