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London black cab taxi drivers are reporting that teenage skateboarders are hitching on to their black cab taxis to travel around London. Many of you may remember the scene from Back to the future 2 where Martin McFly grabs on to the back of a car while hover boarding. Teenagers are replicating this technique in seek of a thrill as well as to speed up getting around the city.

These youths are putting there lives in danger as unknowing black cab taxi drivers could brake harshly, the skate boarders will go straight in to the back of them. Similar reports have been made of roller skaters hitching on to London buses and several teenagers have been injured from the practice as they go flying from the back of a bus into various objects including parked cars. Police have been given instructions to be on the look out for such practices.

Unfortunately for these teenage ‘skitchers’ currently no insurance company will cover their activities, however, black cab taxi drivers can get there taxi insurance policies from insurance for taxi drivers, insurance for taxi drivers UK cover policies for private hire, public hire and minibuses.

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