If you are a new uber driver it’s important to ensure that you have adequate uber driver insurance and are properly covered. Whether you’re considering using your vehicle to make some extra money or want to become a full time taxi driver through Uber – make sure you know what insurance requirements are in place for Uber drivers.

Not being properly covered can result in your insurance policy being voided which can result in hefty fines, penalty points on your license and even make taking our future Uber driver insurance difficult.

Since being founded in 2009 and expanding to international operations in 2014, Uber has rapidly grown into one of the most powerful companies in the world. The California based giant is continuing to expand into new countries, however it’s rise has not been without controversy.

By using the Uber app, users that need a taxi can enter the details of their journey and drivers can reply through the app with their price and availability. Although Uber does not like to be handed the label of a “private hire” service, that’s effectively what their registered drivers are offering.

All drivers that register with Uber are considered independent contractors because Uber do not manage the drivers. This means that all Uber drivers are themselves accountable for the safety of their vehicles and especially for their own insurance requirements. It is imperative that new Uber drivers ensure that they have proper Uber driver insurance in place and that they are operating within the law.

Regardless of how Uber like to be seen, insurance companies treat Uber drivers as private hire taxi insurance policyholders. If you are carrying a paying passenger then you cannot use standard car insurance for Uber drivers. You’ll also need to take out public liability insurance for Uber drivers.

Standard car insurance is not adequate for Uber drivers because it will not cover the driver for claims made by paying passengers in the event they are injured or their property is damaged whilst using your service.

Because Uber is still quite a new service, it’s important to speak to a specialist that offers insurance for new Uber drivers. Call Insurance For Taxi Drivers UK today for your Uber driver insurance quote.