Insurance for Taxi Drivers UK reports on Nissan building new Taxi set to launch in London later this year

New taxi models for London black taxi cabs built by Nissan will be manufactured in Barcelona then shipped and assembled in Coventry. The new taxis will be assembled by a company called ADV who have already anticipated the increased workload assembling the taxis and have hired more engineers and staff.

Black cab taxi insuranceThe new taxis will be powered by a 1.6 litre petrol engine, and 2015 will see the launch of their electric range, this is ahead of Mayor Boris Johnsons pledge to have all taxi vehicles capable of zero emission by 2018, a move that we here at insurance for taxi drivers fully support.
Current black cab taxi manufacturers The London Taxi Company are planning to produce greener hybrid versions of their taxis in the coming months (read more about that here) and are planning to release a zero emissions version in 2018.

Business academics are expecting the Nissan launch to have a big impact on the market, although Mercedes have been operating in the sector for years the lower entry price of the Nissan models will have a big impact on Chinese owned LTC market share. Nissan are planning to launch around 140,000 of their vehicles in London however LTC are planning a global roll out of their new vehicles which will help them retain a good foothold in the taxi market.

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