Insurance for Taxi Drivers UK provide insurance policies for taxi drivers, we explain the different types on insurance policies we provide for taxi drivers.

Just like any other vehicle, taxi’s need car insurance to make them road legal, UK law stipulating that any car being driven on the road must be insured. Not only is insurance need to protect the driver, passengers and vehicle from any possible accidents, the business itself must make sure it’s protected from any risks. It would be best if your insurance covered any equipment you need to have a taxi business, including your radio set up and the building you’ll be using as your base of operations for your business. If you’re buying insurance for a taxi that will be driven in London, there’s a chance you’ll pay more than if you were working in another major UK city due to the large amount of taxis throughout London along with the higher frequency of traffic and numerous claims that come from London every year. Some insurance companies will compensate for this however, offering specialist policies so that those working as a taxi driver in London aren’t forced to pay unreasonable prices for their insurance.

Insurance for Classic London Black Cab

There are many different types of taxi insurance, with black cab obviously being different to chauffeur, but we offer private hire, public hire and minibus insurance. Each insurance is slightly different to the other, minibus insurance for example, tends to be more expensive as there’s a higher risk of assault on the driver, and the vehicle is regularly on the street with very little downtime.

With private and public hire insurance, the driver is ensuring that they and their business are protected, which is important as once you’re off the road, your livelihood will be affected immediately so this is why we try to make sure you’re kept on the road. Private/public hire insurance will bring you the peace of mind that any problems or accidents that could arise in the future and cost you significant amounts of money won’t affect you, as the insurance will protect you from most road accidents. As for minibus cover, your insurance will cover you for private hire, business use, charity minibus insurance, groups (scout and clubs minibuses) or social domestic and pleasure (private and family minibus).

If you end up with the most comprehensive cover, you’ll be assured with protection from pretty much everything, including days and hours when your taxi won’t necessarily be running. If your taxi isn’t running, you aren’t making money and there are policies in place to protect you from this. Public liability insurance will protect both the passengers of your cabs along with the drivers, including any legal implications arising from an accident. Not all insurance companies will provide you with public liability cover, so if it’s something you desire, you’re best making sure that it is included in any policy you’re considering. Extra included protection against any legal or medical expenses can also be added to a policy with public liability insurance. In certain parts of the UK, you can also receive short-term taxi insurance, for anywhere between a week to a quarter. One other thing to consider is an insurance policy that will provide you with a replacement car if an accident were to put your vehicle out of action.

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