Across the UK there seems to have been a recent spike in the number of taxi drivers that are being fined for operating illegally.

There has been a recent and sudden rise, according to news articles from across the country, in the number of taxi drivers that have been operating outside of the law.

Multiple private hire taxi drivers have been fined during the last couple of months for picking up customers that have flagged them down. It is against the law for private hire drivers to take passengers that have not got a prearranged booking as their taxi driver insurance does not cover them.

There has also been a spate of rogue taxi drivers operating across the country, working without valid taxi driver insurance or licensing.

Taxi driver insurance court casesA glance over recent news articles shows that illegal taxi drivers are still an issue despite local authorities and the police clamping down on offenders. Several cases have been handled in court rooms around the North West and Midlands areas where police operations are targeting offenders.

It’s important that taxi drivers have the correct kind of insurance policy so that their passengers are covered if they are injured if the vehicle is involved an accident. Private hire insurance does not cover the driver to pick up passengers for journeys that are not pre-booked. Insurance for taxi drivers is specific to the nature of their work and there are usually two types of policy; private hire insurance policies and public hire insurance for black cab drivers.