As a taxi driver it is important that you operate within the strict laws and regulations set out by the government and local council authorities. Being fully licensed is essential to ensure that you are working legally and safely. Proper insurance for taxi drivers designed to full cover you and your taxi vehicle is also a must have for all taxi and minibus drivers.

insurance for taxi driversIn the UK fake or bogus taxi drivers have long been a problem that has proven difficult for the Government and authorities to stamp out. There have been many attempts to crack down on unlicensed taxi drivers in recent years and although there has been some respite in the number of incidents reported, the problem is still a pressing issue across our nations cities.

The financial impact on local councils and police authorities is evident as unlicensed drivers will not be paying their license fees and operations to catch them eat at police budgets. However these unlicensed fake taxi drivers also have a widespread negative impact on taxi drivers and taxi companies across the UK. Not only are bogus drivers taking business from legitimately licensed and hard working taxi drivers, they are also very damaging to their legal counterparts reputations as crimes committed by taxi drivers are often carried out by these unlicensed fakes.

Of all places in the UK the problem is at it’s peak in Birmingham and The Midlands as the number of unlicensed taxi drivers has increased in these areas recently. The majority of fake and illegal drivers are genuinely trying to make a living from the taxi trade, but breaking the law will not be tolerated and harsh penalties such as fines and imprisonment await those that are caught operating without proper licensing and insurance for taxi drivers.

It is strongly recommended that when using a taxi service you book in advance from a trustworthy source. If you must use a public hire taxi, be aware that only legitimate hackney carriage drivers are permitted to pick you up in a public place. If any other taxi driver stops to offer their services, they are breaking the law and their taxi driver insurance will not cover your journey. This means that any accident or damage to your personal belongings will not be covered. On top of this there are other risks involved as criminals have been known to pose as taxi drivers in order to commit thefts and even other more serious crimes.

Any legitimate taxi driver will always carry identification and proof that they are in fact a licensed and legal driver, which they should be more than happy to provide should you have any doubts.

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